Sampson Strength Strongman Mustache Wax (New multiple scent options). World Strong Man Hold! (Contact for Whole Sale Pricing)


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Extreme hold mustache wax!This wax has our premium beard oil added for a healthy strong Stache. This wax is an all day hold. Warning: blow dryer recommend when applying.

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My Story:

I wanted to create a wax that held a tight curl all day but also washed out easily at night. This wax is great out of the pocket or with a blow dryer if your looking for a very tight look. I’ve purchased many waxes online and was looking for something that would stick in my stache and not fail me half way through the day or workout. So I decided to make my own wax. STRONGMAN MUSTACHE WAX.

*Tins may change due to availability.

*Due to possible allergies I recommend applying in a small area to assess any possible interactions. Discontinue use of irritation occurs.

Reviews (5)


I've been searching for a new mustache wax after my trusted indie brand went bust. I spent plenty of time and money trying the bigger hyped brands (which all failed my test) and decided to give the less hyped brand a try. I'm thrilled to say I've found my new wax! A stache like mine requires a heavy-duty wax that can maintain kingly curls that never pop open or sag. This Samson version is the real deal. Your stache will remain in place without retouching, and you'll never be disappointed with stache melt ever again. Customer service was the best I've ever received online. Needless to say, I'm going to be a repeat customer, and I hope you will be, too. Cheers!

Excellent product. Excellent owner. Great communication and service. Will be ordering again!

Use caution folks. When this product claims it holds the the mustashe in place, that is an understatement. Really good stuff.