Mocha Scent Strongman Grooming Beard and Mustache oil/ Mustache wax remover - 1oz bottle (Contact for Whole Sale Pricing)


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Mocha scent beard oil
Premium grade oils that penetrate the hair follicle to strengthen and grow your face hair!
Add to your facial hair in the morning or at night before bed. We only use top quality oils such as Avocado oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Hemp oil, Apricot oil and Grapeseed oil.

Beard oil is great for helping to style facial hair and for preventing knots from forming. Don’t let your beard or mustache hairs become frail and brittle. Add dime size amount to the palm of your hand and work it through your beard or mustache to fully nourish your hair.

Our beard oil is great for removing mustache wax at the end of your day. Simply apply to your waxed Stache rub through and wash away way.

Enjoy a premium Beard oil that does it all!! Nothing but the best ingredients with the best results, period!

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