Strongman Grooming light-Medium Hold Mustache Wax - Blueberry Mancakes Scent


Medium hold wax Blueberry Mancakes Scent

100% Handmade in Micro batches. Made in the small town of Forty Fort, PA.

Light-Medium hold from local beeswax and pine rosin. Beef tallow and shea butter allow for easy application with or without a heat source. Oils allow for follicle hydration.

Why Beef Tallow??? It’s what was originally used in the 1800’s. It’s also high in vitamin A,D, and K along with antioxidants, it’s great for strengthening hair and hydrating skin.

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My Story:

I wanted to create a wax that held a tight curl all day but also washed out easily at night. This wax is great out of the pocket or with a blow dryer if your looking for a very tight look. I’ve purchased many waxes online and was looking for something that would stick in my stache and not fail me half way through the day or workout. So I decided to make my own wax. STRONGMAN MUSTACHE WAX.

*Tins may change due to availability.

*Due to possible allergies I recommend applying in a small area to assess any possible interactions. Discontinue use of irritation occurs.

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My husband's favorite scent of mustache wax thus far! It holds a villainous curl even when he's sweating his tail off at the gym! Great stuff.